Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADIS (Alcohol Drug Information School)?

ADIS is an 8-hour class that is typically used in first time DUI offences or as a preventative measure for other misdemeanor drug or alcohol offences.  This class should be taken by anyone who is seeking to learn about substance abuse.

What is the ACT Course?

ACT is a 12-hour class that consists of the ADIS & the VIP curriculum. This class should be taken by anyone who is seeking to learn about substance abuse, or if it is court ordered.

Do I have to pass the test the first time?

You can take the quizzes as many times as you like.  You must get 100% on all tests and the entire course in order for the course to generate a certificate. Your certificate will auto generate after you click "FINISH COURSE" and will pop up on the screen. Once it has populated you can download it and email or print it and your convenience.

Will my certificate be accepted?

You will need to contact your attorney or referral source to verify if it will be accepted. If you are not a state of Idaho resident, you should use due diligence to verify that your state will accept our classes.

What is VIP (Victim Impact Panel) Program?

Victim Impact Panel is an awareness program for offenders convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. The panels consist of a non-confrontational presentation consisting of crime victims telling their own personal stories of how impaired drivers forever changed their lives.

What are the steps to take the ADIS/VIP class using AJI Counseling website?

View our Courses under the Courses Menu Item.

Click on the ADIS or VIP class.  

Once you have paid you can begin the class.  

You will be able to print your certificate immediately after completing at the entire course.

There will be a download icon at the bottom of the certificate that will download the certificate to your desktop and or mobile device.

Currently, we accept debit, credit and PayPal to pay for the courses.

Where is my certificate?

Our certificates will become available as soon as you click "FINSH COURSE". They auto Populate and will pop-up on your screen for you to download. If your certificate hasn't populated and you believe you have completed every portion of the course. Please check the curriculum inside the course you are enrolled in. If there is not a GREEN checkmark next to all lessons and quizzes YOU have not completed the entire course. If all GREEN check marks are there then YOU need to click Finish on the right-hand side.